All of the updates for 66Analytics will be listed here.

Update 1.1.3 - 22 March, 2020

  • Improved performance for logged in users by reducing the amount of calls to the database.
  • Improved performance of the overall website usage by using a caching system to avoid unnecessary calls to the database.
  • Fully reworked how the Sessions Replays are stored and processed and highly improved reading and writing performance as well. Now instead of storing all the big chunks of data in the database, they will be store on the server files
  • Fully reworked how the Sessions Replays limits are taken into consideration. Now you will be able to set how many total session replays a user can have, instead of total events (which was pretty ambigous).
  • Implemented the ability to limit the time duration (in minutes) of replays. It can be done from the admin panel, per package or per user so that you limit the amount of data the website collects.
  • Implemented the ability to set Excluded IPs per website if you do not want to be tracked.
  • Implemented the ability to set the Cache expiration time for the Pixel code. Feature meant for advanced users, leave it default to 600 for optimum performance.
  • Other overall improvements of the whole system.
  • The pixel code will not output notices in the console if the tracking is disabled by either Opting out or the user having DNT enabled.
  • Removed filter for the field "name" in the Registration page so that users can use utf8 characters as well.
  • Fixed bug on Stripe payments higher than 999.
  • Fixed heatmap page problem, not being able to use the dropdown actions.
  • Fixed heatmaps not being able to be accessed by team members.
  • Fixed dashboard graph not properly showing in some timezones.

Update 1.1.2 - 3 March, 2020

  • Implemented a new 'Verify Pixel' modal when getting the Tracking code for a website so that users can easily confirm they installed the pixel code correctly.
  • Implemented a new field for each user named 'Country', which will be detected based on the last login of the user.
  • Reworked the way the CronJob cleans up the system to a more performant versions.
  • Reworked the whole multi-language system to improve the quality of the site and have proper SEO when having multiple languages at the same time.
  • Updated the GeoLite countries database and the MaxMind reader to the latest version (Country detection).
  • Fixed Date Selectors not working properly in some Timezones.
  • Fixed heatmaps not working in some scenarios.

Update 1.1.1 - 21 February, 2020

  • Implemented the ability to disable an user account from the Admin User Update page.
  • Improved consistency of icons width displayment for all pages.
  • Improved heatmap displayment on top of the page, made it more transparent so you can see a bit of the page.
  • Fixed bug where the Snapshot of a Heatmap will not create if sessions replays are active on a specific website.
  • Fixed cron job not resetting the user's websites session replays usage.
  • Fixed footer social link not disappearing if no value is inserted in the admin panel.

Update 1.1.0 - 14 February, 2020

  • Implemented new Heatmaps for clicks functionality.
    • New Heatmaps page where you can see all the created heatmaps and you have the ability to create a new heatmap.
    • New Heatmap page where you can check the actual heatmap out.
    • Implemented the ability to have 3 different snapshots per heatmap for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile screens at the same time.
    • Implemented the ability to reset snapshots for heatmaps.
    • Implemented the ability to turn on/off the Heatmaps functionality from the admin panel.
    • Implemented the ability for the admin to specify how many heatmaps a Plan/User can create.
  • Implemented average time per session to display in the visitors and visitor page.
  • Implemented a new option in the admin panel which will automatically clean Session Replays which do not meet a certain amount of seconds in activity.
  • Implemented filters for visitors on the Visitors page.
  • Implemented filters for visitors on the Replays page.
  • Implemented a 5 minute cache for the Pixel code to avoid making unnecessary calls to the server
  • Improved the header of the Replays / Visitors page.
  • Improved the look of the dashboard and other pages of the app.
  • Improved mobile responsiveness throughout the product where it was lacking.
  • Fixed some date/timezone related problems in the system and made them more consistent.
  • Fixed being able to create 100% discount codes. Use redeemable instead when trying to create a redeemable package for free.
  • Fixed the delete replays button deleting all the replays and not taking into consideration the date filter. Now the delete replays function will delete only replays from the selected date range and applied filters.
  • Fixed various visual bugs.

Update 1.0.1 - 28 January, 2020

  • Implemented pages categories.
  • Reworked and improved the pages system.
  • Implemented "Resources center" where you can see the most popular pages and categories for all the pages.
  • Implemented the ability to delete Sessions replays from a specific date range for easier clearing.
  • Paypal recurring system refactored, now it will accept the first payment instantly without any delay.
  • Fixed notice in Pay page when trying to pay via Stripe.
  • Now the options to event track and session replay are disabled if the user doesnt have access to them.

Initial release - 19 January, 2020